We firmly believe in the power of family values as the solid foundation for business

Kiatt Single Family Office comprise multiple generations of entrepreneurial excellence in diverse fields such as aerospace, agriculture, winemaking, and finance.

Our team has a long-term track record of financial excellence while contributing to the Collective wellbeing. We have expertise in the areas of Venture Capital, M&A, Finance, International Taxation, Fundraising, Communication and Public Affairs, Regulatory, Intellectual Property and Technology Transfer.

Patient and flexible Investments

At Kiatt SFO, our mission goes beyond financial gains. We seek to create a lasting impact through visionary investments and sustainable practices.

  • Our vision is to strategically invest by adopting a long-term approach that combines financial, social, and environmental performance.
  • Our investment decisions are not solely focused on short-term gains, but rather, we meticulously analyze the extra-financial criteria that play a key role in generating long-term performance.
  • We strongly believe in addressing the current needs while assuming responsibility for the needs of future generations.

Investment strategy

  • Historical focus on Equity investments, avoiding debt. Investment tickets ranging from 500,000 to 5M Euros, all kind of rounds.
  • We invest together with highly reputable partners with a track record of decades.
  • Our focus is on high-growth countries, including developing economies and stable established markets.
  • We invest in companies that generate valuable IP, securing legal monopolies through patents and strong intellectual property strategies.
  • Carefully selected investments based on our methodology: we only participate in companies where the lead investor is also a leader in its sector or in its investment thesis.
  • Our approach is characterized by flexibility, allowing us to adapt to different timelines and investment opportunities.
  • We have the capabilities to lead the investment or act as a minority shareholder.
  • Emphasis on fostering sustainable practices and responsible investment.

Leveraging our expertise and determination, we aim to make a meaningful contributions to the community while expanding our portfolio.

  • We can act as local partner in Spanish-Speaking countries, UK and a large part of Asia.
  • We can act as strategic vision partner with a global vision on future impact on science and technology, innovation, digitisation, and sustainability.
  • Together with other technology investors, we also act as strategic partner in Intellectual Property investments, in which we offer extensive expertise.

We add value to our partners and to the companies we invest in

  • International network, with partners in dozens of countries and multinational companies in numerous sectors: technological, scientific, industrial, pharmaceutical, chemical, raw materials, etc.
  • Extensive experience in Spanish-Speaking countries, UK and Asia.
  • Extensive experience in high-growth companies that revolve around Intellectual Property.
  • International network of universities and research centers that work with the companies in which we have invested. They solve challenges in industrial developments, find scientific solutions or innovate in business models.

Ethical Investments in Line with Humanistic Values

Our Family Office puts people and Earth first, which is why all our investments and partnerships go through an ethics  and sustainability committee that ensures that our decisions:

  • Have a positive impact on our society
  • Ensure environmental sustainability.
  • Mitigate the effects of inequality or injustice.
  • Trace the impact of our actions over the nexts decade.
  • Partners in the company have a clear source of funds.