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We look for motivated and capable individuals with an interest in the areas of knowledge transfer, science, technology, finance or communications and PR. We value previous experience in business and a strong determination to create a better world by means of technology and science.
If you think you match this profile and would like to expand your career further in the aforementioned areas, please send your CV to


Commercialising a breakthrough discovery is an extremely complex and multi-layered process. In order to back the company properly and make the best decisions for the founders, we need to have a complete understanding of the science and the technology behind it.
We are constantly looking for associate experts in diverse disciplines that can help us asses the true value of a research result and its potential impact in the world. If you want to apply for an associate position, please send your CV to careers@kiattgroup.com


Leading research results protected with strong patents require excellent management in order to be commercialised and become a sustainable business. This is why we also look for experienced entrepreneurs who understand the needs and challenges of a newly formed business and can help our companies take their products to market. We look for talent that is passionate about what they do and have an entrepreneurial outlook on life and businesses.
If you think you have the skills we require, please get in contact with us at entrepreneurs@kiattgroup.com


We at KIATT support new professionals not only by backing science and technology companies, but also by incorporating them into our own team.
If you are a college student or have graduated recently, and you think you could bring great ideas to KIATT, please send your CV to internship@kiattgroup.com